About Insight School

While the interior design sector is booming in Asia, too few interior designers are properly trained to meet the needs of the market, leaving a pent-up demand that design firms are struggling to meet. To address this growing need, Insight School was born. Inspired by the institutions our founder attended in Europe, but tailored to the Asian market, our vision is simple: produce well-rounded interior designers, arming them with the creativity, practicality and tools necessary for succeeding in the interior design industry.

"With our wealth of experience, strong ties with the design industry, and inspiring know-how, we strive to produce well-rounded creative designers"

Our students work on real-life projects with real clients and deadlines (we believe it's the only way to gain real experience). Our courses focus on artisan experience, craftsmanship excellence, and Savoir Faire via atelier visits, craftsmanship lectures, and skills demonstration.
Our teachers are also among the best and brightest in the industry, working professionals from renowned interior design firms around the world.

Why Choose Us?

We offer over 20 short courses, part-time and full-time certificates and a diploma in Residential and Commercial Interior Design, giving you flexible options to be one of the most professional and creative designers in the industry.
Learn from Experts in the Industry: Insight School teachers all boast solid academic credentials, have all worked in the industry, and between them, have extensive experience in interior design, architecture and engineering, equipping you with the right skills to enhance your career prospects.
Work on Real-Life Projects & Real-Life Clients: You'll get to experience firsthand how a project comes to life by working on five real-world projects (residential, hospitality, retail, office, and food & beverage).
Expand Your Connections in the Design Industry: Tap into Insight School's network of local and international design professionals who are all experts in their fields. Meet suppliers, contractors and potential employers.
Gain Experience & Placement: Our internship program is backed by strong, prominent firms in Hong Kong and over 95% of our Diploma graduates land full-time employment after graduating.


Eve Mercier

Our space

Our bright and refurbished campus has all you need to explore and experience new and original materials firsthand, including a vast library of reference books and an in-house Zumtobel lighting studio.

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Insight School Lighting Studio

Insight School Entrance

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