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Course overview

Art has the power to truly transform an interior space, but how? What pieces do you select and why? In this special Art Week course, we’ll teach you how to leverage art in interior design.

Morning lecture at Insight School (10am- 1pm) will be followed by a tour at Soho House by art consultant Fiona Ho in the afternoon (2 -3pm) to look at their art collection and its curation.

Here's an overview of what will be covered:

  • Learn the principles of art in interiors – how to frame, mount, hang, install, and light art in residential and commercial spaces
  • Discuss at what point in your design process you should select your art
  • Understand how you can combine art with your colour scheme and furniture selection to create beautiful interiors
  • Private tour by art advisor Fiona Ho, who will guide you through important works by influential artists from Asia and abroad.
  • As part of the tour you will be introduced into the thinking behind the curation of Soho House’s art collection, the way it is combined, hanged, light and interacts with the design of the space.


About the Art expert 

  • As the director of Gallery HZ, Hong Kong native Fiona Ho brings with her more than a decade of work experience in the art industry, having previously been the director of a renowned Hong Kong gallery, The Cat Street Gallery. During her time with The Cat Street Gallery, Fiona promoted the gallery through rigorous programming of domestic exhibition and active participation in local and overseas art fairs, including London’s Art 15 and Art 16. Upon departure from The Cat Street Gallery, Fiona established Gallery HZ along with AIDE Consultancy, an art consultancy specialising in commercial and residential projects. Some notable projects include the inaugural exhibition of Gallery HZ, which coincides with the opening of House of Studio, a new art and multi-function space situated within Soho House Hong Kong where artist Peter Yuill’s solo exhibition Alignment was concurrently held. Fiona's professional expertise is accompanied by a relentless work ethic and an impressive network of collaborators including artist Simon Birch, Ghost Mountain Field and many more.


  • 1. Vouchers cannot be used for this course



  • No previous interior design experience needed.

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Student feedback

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The course is taught by very professional and passionate people. I enjoyed the passion of the teacher and the art consultant! It was really interesting to learn about their background.The tour of fair - meeting with artists etc was very worthwhile. The information is presented clearly and practically. It's also nice to be in a class where the students are also as interested and excited about the same material.

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Anne Hanrahan , March 2018

Please let me know when this course is next on.