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Course overview

Art has the power to truly transform an interior space, but how? What pieces do you select and why? In this special Art Week course, we’ll teach you how to leverage art in interior design.

Morning lecture at Insight School (10am- 1pm) will be followed by a carefully curated tour of the Affordable Art Fair in the afternoon (2 -3pm).

Here's an overview of what will be covered:

  • Learn the principles of art in interiors – how to frame, mount, hang, install and light art in residential and commercial spaces
  • Discuss at what point in your design process you should select your art
  • Understand how you can combine art with your colour scheme and furniture selection to create beautiful interiors
  • Private tour by art advisor Christine Chan Chui, who will guide you through important works by influential artists from Asia and abroad.
  • As part of the tour, you'll also have the opportunity to hear private talks by gallerists and you'll understand the importance of building relationships with gallerist.


About the tour guide

  • Christine Chan Chiu is an independent art advisor based in Hong Kong. She was formally General Manager at the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, a non-profit organization seeking to advance the local art gallery community and to promote arts awareness in the city. Christine holds a BA in History of Art and French from Tufts University (Boston), with supplementary studies at École du Louvre and La Sorbonne (Paris). She completed her Master’s degree in History of Art and Archaeology at SOAS, University of London (UK). She has also worked for a large auction house in New York and Hong Kong, as well as for a Hong Kong gallery in a research position.



    1. Entry ticket to Affordable Art Fair is included

    2. Vouchers cannot be used for this course



  • No previous interior design experience needed.

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Student feedback

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The course is taught by very professional and passionate people. I enjoyed the passion of the teacher and the art consultant! It was really interesting to learn about their background.The tour of fair - meeting with artists etc was very worthwhile. The information is presented clearly and practically. It's also nice to be in a class where the students are also as interested and excited about the same material.

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Anne Hanrahan , March 2018
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Wonderful course! Catherine our teacher had so much to teach us. I truly appreciate the materials and information. Our guide Christine shared her candid views on the art pieces at Art Basel. She is very knowledgeable.

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Eva Ho , March 2018

Please let me know when this course is next on.