Introduction to Freehand Sketching

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Course overview

This course will teach you how to produce quick freehand sketches and hand drawn perspective drawings of your design ideas. Learn how you can become more imaginative, creative, and avoid common mistakes with sketching.

Day one:

  • Learn the fundamentals of sketching and get familiar with different materials and sketching tools
  • Overcome your fear of sketching and learn how to draw straight and curved lines
  • Learn how to hand-draw floor plans and elevations
  • Master the skill of drawing in perspective

Day two:

  • Understand basic shadowing techniques, performing different uses of shading and adding richness and reality to objects
  • Study and apply shadows and highlights based on observation (composing a still life piece)
  • Analyse, draw perspective, and apply shadows from the interior design perspective


2 days 


  • No previous interior design experience needed.

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Student feedback

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Very much enjoyed this short course which has given me more confidence in drawing a floor plan. Thank you so much!

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Janette Tsang, February 2018
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I am so grateful for your time and dedication to me and also to the many students in general who you are enabling to create, construct and connect. It's not just what you can do it's who you are and what you are creating that is bigger than yourself. Thank you, for your expert instruction, responsiveness, attention and encouragement. I am fortunate to have had the one-on-one with you.

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Ronal George Ross

Please let me know when this course is next on.