Introduction to Interior Design

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Course overview

If you're curious about interior design or thinking of making it a career, this is a great foundation course designed to give you a feel for what it's all about. Plus, you don't need any experience.

The syllabus is based around a real-life case study and introduces the key stages of the interior design process. Both Weekdays and Saturday options are available.

What you’ll learn:

How to write a design proposal based on a creative brief
How to create a concept and materials' board
How to do technical drawings of plans and elevations 
Key building principles, how to design for the human form and the study of ergonomics
Overview of materials, colors, textiles and lighting
How to prepare a visual and verbal presentation

Lesson Plan 


1. Introduction to the course
2. Project Introduction and Design Brief
3. Client Interview and Design Analysis
4. Concept Images


1.Drawing a Plan and Elevation
2.Introduction to Scale
3.Surveying a Room


1.Elements and Principles of Interior Design
2.Residential Space Planning


1.Introduction to Kitchen Design
2.Introduction to Bathroom Design
3.Kitchen and Bathroom Space Planning


1.Introduction to Living and Dining Design
2.Introduction to Bedroom and Closet Design
3.Living & Dining and Bedroom & Closet Space Planning


1.Materials for Interiors 
2.Client Presentation Boards 

1.Furniture and Lighting Selection 
2.Schedules and Specifications


1.Board Completion
2.Verbal Presentation of Project 

Book one month before the start date and receive a free one-day short course.


2 Days a week

  • 4,5,11,12,18,19,22 & 23 June
  • 10am-3pm


  • Anyone wanting to learn more about interior design.
  • No previous experience needed.

Tuition fees

HKD 17,750

Student feedback

quote image

It was a very informative course. We certainly learnt a lot in 8 weeks. I'm now even more interested in becoming an interior designer.

quote image
Victoria Robson, Oct 2016
quote image

Our lecturers were knowledgeable, helpful and inspiring. Would definitely come back for another course.

quote image
Yuet Lin Lim, Jul 2017
quote image

I think the school is exactly what is needed here in Hong Kong. There is nothing like it at all. The hands-on aspect really takes the learning to another level.

quote image
Bianca Geissler, Feb 2014
quote image

Great class with fun, hands on project! I was really surprised to be able to work with a real client in an introductory class. It really helps with understanding the process and got me thinking like a designer.

quote image
Christina Chan, Feb 2015
quote image

I thought it was a very well run course, very informative and great teacher that exhibited a lot of passion. She also gave great creative input. I also liked the last session – the critique at the end was very well structured"

quote image
Diane Raposio , Oct 2016
quote image

I loved it! Loved, loved! I thoroughly enjoyed coming in every week. I thought that Insight provided a very professional course and in particular the quality of the teachers/trainers was excellent. The space is amazing and most conducive to a creative learning experience. Actively working towards a project for a 'real-life' client greatly added to the enjoyment of learning and I found myself mentally consumed by the process even during the days between the courses. Overall I was thrilled to be part of the first round of students and would highly recommend the course to others.

quote image
Jodi Munro , Feb 2014
quote image

What I liked the most about the course was the ability of the teachers to encourage you to look for and use your hidden creativity. They also opened my eyes suggesting to look at some old things in a different way!

quote image
Giovanna Celeste , Oct 2016
quote image

The programme is very well designed using real life case studies, making learning more fun and relevant. The teacher and teaching faculty are outstanding professionals and provide good technical and aesthetic advice. I had a very enjoyable learning experience and will continue to take more courses with Insight School.

quote image
Brenda Ho , Oct 2016
quote image

I was so impressed that our very first class was a consultation with a "real" client and that we would spend the next 8 weeks creating a "real" project. The practical application of our weekly classes was invaluable and has secured my decision to pursue my passion as an interior designer. Thanks again for sharing your experience and wisdom with us all!

quote image
Robert W. Flick , Feb 2015
quote image

The class was so informative and educational and I have learnt a lot from this Sat class. Thank you to Jose for being supportive and providing appropriate advice when needed.

quote image
Makiko Koto , Feb 2015
quote image

Excellent course, learned a lot. Teachers are great and students are excellent too

quote image
Yoko Nemoto, Feb 2015
quote image

Loved that we learned not just from the teacher but fellow students who all brought different visions and ideas, enriching our own.

quote image
Christina Yu , Feb 2015
quote image

Eve & Jose, thank you so much for a wonderful day with you both and your amazing and creative students at Insight school of interior design. You guys are doing amazing work. Hats off to Eve for her vision to create and ability to run such a wonderful school. Thank you again for involving me in such a fun project.

quote image
Deseree Smith, Feb 2015
quote image

Efficient courses with very professional lecturers and nice collegues ,students, love this time spent at Insight school. It was a perfect 1st step to dive into interior design from very theoretic courses to immediate practicals. Enrique really makes us feel definitely like real Junior Interior Designers.

quote image
Virginie Couffon, Oct 2017
quote image

I really enjoyed taking the class with Enrique, he is very knowledgable and passionate.

quote image
Joanna Leung, Oct 2017
quote image

I am blown away by how much I learned in the Introduction to Interior Design class. Enrique was a fantastic teacher and he showed me that it is possible to go back to school and to study something new after more than 20 years.

quote image
Elizabeth McNicholas , Mar 2018
quote image

The course is very practical and hands-on, giving us the perfect stepping stone into the world of Interior Design and the opportunity to further our studies and knowledge.

quote image
Lydia Cheng , Oct 2018
quote image

I had a great time at Insight and our teacher is very inspiring and patient. I feel accomplished when I'm able to come up with the floor plan/mood board and material board after 8 weeks.

quote image
Celia Lau, Oct 2018
quote image

I like the practical part of the course, also a small class where the teacher can guide each of us in more details.

quote image
Katrina Wu , Oct 2018

Please let me know when this course is next on.