Office Design

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Course overview

Good workplace design is becoming increasingly important as staff become more mobile and the definition of an office becomes broader. Knowing how to approach office design can be an important asset for an interior designer, or for anyone looking to understand how to improve their current office.

In this course, we will explore how you can design an ergonomic workplace that is both functional and comfortable. You will also explore how to make the most of a case study workspace in our hands-on, creative workshop.

  • Get inspired by case studies (local and international)
  • Explore office style trends and new ways of working
  • Understand space planning: privacy, shared spaces and traffic patterns
  • Explore acoustics and lighting as important elements of office design
  • Learn how to select and source fabrics, furniture, and materials to complete your overall design concept
  • Get to know the tricks of the trade and the mistakes to avoid



  • No previous interior design experience needed.

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