SketchUp Bootcamp

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Course overview

Always wanted to learn the tools which allow you to easily draw out your design ideas? Wondering what software could help you communicate your design intentions directly to a contractor? Join this SketchUp Bootcamp! Over the course of four days, we’ll deep dive into 3D modelling, applying materials and extracting and editing 2D drawings - all with the same software.

Curriculum will cover:

Day one:

  • Run through: Interface, creating and saving a document
  • Introduction to 3D modelspace
  • Drafting 2D shapes with basic tools
  • Creating 3D objects with editing tools
  • Outcome: Modeling a piece of furniture from a plan


Day two:

  • Advanced editing tools
  • Applying colours and library materials
  • Moving, copying, and grouping
  • Outcome: Modeling a simple floorplan


Day three:

  • Extracting 2D drawings
  • learn to export as perspective or floorplan/elevation drawing
  • Edit drawings, add measurements and annotations 
  • Outcome: Creating fully comprehensive 3D and 2D documents to communicate your vision to a contractor


Day four:

  • Apply your learnt tools in a hands-on exercise drawing a pantry 
  • Learn how to create and apply your own materials making sure the documentation looks according to your design idea
  • Outcome: work on a real case and anchor your acquired knowledge


4 days

10am - 3pm



  • No previous interior design experience needed.

Tuition fees

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