Executive Courses & Workshops

Insight School has worked with many world-class companies to develop and execute training programs for their teams. We have collaborated with executives from industries like architecture and design, property developers, retail chains and luxury groups such as Hermes, L'Oréal, Marriott, Wheelock, Indigo Living and the French Chamber of Commerce.

As leaders in interior design education, our expert educators can work with you to develop a training program designed to equip staff with the skills they need to make an immediate difference to your business and give you a competitive edge. Watch this video to learn more.

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What our Executive Clients say :


"It was an amazing experience and our team has learned a lot from the concept training session, which was delivered professionally & passionately.
It was extremely engaging & our team really liked the idea of comparing what we have learned with previous in house design proposals as we could immediately see and learn from the difference.”

Yvonne Chow
Lead Visionary, Envisione+


"Such a practical and vivid class. Our colleagues really enjoy this a lot."

UOB Human Ressources Manager



Design Thinking for Business

This course introduces the concept of a human-centered approach to solving problems. 
We explore various tools and methodologies to help think outside the box.
Participants learn how to develop ideas your customers will love.

•Empower creativity and collaboration in cross-functional teams. 

•Co-create ideas using techniques such as empathy mapping, customer journeys, associational thinking, and building on the ideas of others. 

•Prototype your innovative idea as a business-ready concept. 

•Learn how to use storytelling, imagery, and logical reasoning to communicate your value proposition and get buy-in for your ideas


Graphic Design Skills

Upskill and inspire your team with tailored courses in AutoCAD, SketchUp, Vray for SketchUp, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Suited to any level, from beginners to advanced, courses are based on your team's needs and lessons are designed around the client's products and projects.

Suitable for architects, engineers, designers, retailers, construction professionals.